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Making Memories: Preschool at Home

Making Memories: Preschool at Home



Do you want to do preschool at home with your little one? Let us do all of the big planning for you! We will spoonfeed you 26 weeks of preschool content as you and your preschooler work through the alphabet together! 

This 26-week program is perfect for moms at home with preschoolers who:

  • are planning to homeschool and wanting to start at age  3, 4, 5 or 6 with preschool. This is a program some 2 year olds can use too if you feel they are ready.  
  • wish they could send their kiddos to preschool or Mother's Day Out, but just don't have the budget for it
  • want to make memories at home with their preschooler doing crafts, art and educational activities that revolve around the alphabet
  • are looking for learning opportunities for preschoolers that lasts through the summer
  • need accountability, online support and encouragement from other moms who are making memories at home with their preschoolers as well
  • don't want to hunt online for learning activities for their preschooler and need or want the content spoonfed to them
  • run an at home daycare and want to include learning in their preschoolers day
  • has a Facebook account (The PRIVATE online community will be on Facebook. The only way to get into the group is to purchase Making Memories at Home Preschool.)


Registration opens April 30th and will close May 7th at 10 pm CST.  The program will last 26 weeks. The program starts Monday, May 8th. 

Once you purchase you will be added to the private FB group where communication will take place about the class until it starts. Then it will be your community and accountability place through the 26 weeks AND where we will share the crafts and activities. 


Making Memories Preschool at Home 

Each week will focus on a new letter. We will start with the letter A and work through to the letter Z. On Sunday night we will share with you a library list of books. You can pick one or two or all of them and add them to your weekly library trip. We will also include 

On Sunday night we will share with you a library list of books. You can pick one or two or add all of them to your weekly library trip. The books for that week's focus on the letter we are working on or the main subject starts with that letter for the week. It's a great opportunity to continue talking about our letter of the week as you enjoy story time together at home. 

If you would rather order the books online and add them to your home library, we will include links to the books so you can snag them over on Amazon. This is totally optional. Either way, using Amazon or your public library you have a list of books to continue learning letters, introducing your kids to vocabulary and making memories that will last a lifetime with stories together.  

Reading your books will take place all week long. Reading can happen after our daily scheduled activities, at bedtime, in the mornings before you start your learning day, or whenever is best for your family. 

Weekly Schedule 

Monday is craft day. We will do a letter of the week craft using construction paper, a letter template (we provide) other simple supplies you likely have on hand like markers, crayons, stickers, etc. There are a few special supplies like contact paper when we do the letter B, green circle stickers when we do letter F, but when you check out a supply list will be emailed to you for those who like to plan far in advance. We will also include a sweet little rhyme that you and your preschooler can learn together and sing while you create your craft. The rhyme will go along with the letter you're working on. 

Tuesday is worksheet day. We have two worksheets for each letter on this day. One is a Find the Letter page. You will use Do a Dot markers, stickers or small trinkets like erasers to find the letter of the week on a worksheet. The letter will be found in uppercase and lowercase. Then we have one page of tracing the letter of the week in uppercase and lowercase. 

Wednesday is snack day. You and your preschooler(s) will get in the kitchen and create a delicious snack together that goes with our letter of the week. For the letter A we will show you how to make an airplane with a celery stick, some peanut butter (or other butter if there are allergies) a few grapes and a granola bar. Your preschooler will LOVE doing these activities in the kitchen with you and I promise they will remember these memories forever. 

Thursday is handprint art day. Did you know you can use your little one's hands to create artwork? We will show you how to use their hands and some finger paint to make an A for alligator, a B for butterfly, a C for car, etc. This is so much fun! 

Friday is your free day. You can use this day to catch up on anything you missed, read more books together, or just relax. At this age 5 days a week of school work is not a must and I don't really prefer it myself. 

Click on the images to your left to see samples of the work we will be doing and the templates that are included in this 26 week program. 

Other things included: 

We will also be sharing additional printables from the store with you, like our Alphabet Flip Book printable. You print this out and use a ring to attach the cards together. This gives you a flip book of the alphabet that you can use as we introduce the letters to our preschoolers. There are some other bonus pages we will share as well over in the FB group that you can use with your little one. 

What's included: 

  • templates for each letter of the week craft with assembly instructions
  • book list for each letter
  • handprint template and instructions
  • find the letter and alphabet tracing worksheets for each letter 
  • alphabet flipbook printables and assembly instructions 
  • supply list for handprint art and crafts
  • letter of the week snack instructions and supply list
  • Facebook support group for accountability, conversation, community with other preschool moms and a place to share pictures of your preschoolers creations each week! 

You can use this program for 1 preschooler or as many as you have at home. You will just need to adjust your supply list. 

All of this for $35.


After You Checkout

Once you sign up for the program, we will share with you a supply list you. This will ensure that you have everything on hand for the 26 weeks. Honestly, a lot of the supplies you are already going to have, like construction paper, scissors, crayons, etc. Sunday we will share the library book list with you for the week. You can plan a trip to the library any day of the week and get all of the books or some of the books, or you can order a few of the books from Amazon. Totally up to you. 


If you have any questions at all before you purcahse, please start a conversation with me by choosing the Message Us blue button in the bottom right corner.