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Letter of the Week Handwriting and Do a Dot Pages

Letter of the Week Handwriting and Do a Dot Pages



This pack is an instant download of 80+ pages that go perfectly with our letter of the week crafts. 

If you have a preschooler or young learner who dreads using their pencil, this pack will be perfect at helping build those hand muscles.

Years ago the Crystal & Co., team created crafts that are based around the letters of the alphabet. We encouraged our readers to do one letter craft per week with their young learner. As time went on, we realized that readers wanted more activities to go along with these crafts.

We created snacks and hand print art for each letter of the alphabet. We also created a pack of worksheets to help with hand muscles as you learn each letter and that is what this pack is all about!

In this pack you get three worksheets for each letter. You get a do a dot page which is an excellent fine motor activity for kids to do. You also get two different handwriting pages for each letter. These pages are for tracing and independent writing of each letter.

Check out the images to see samples of each page type. 


Remember: nothing is being mailed to you. This is an instant download.