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Alphabet Curriculum for Preschoolers

Alphabet Curriculum for Preschoolers




 This is an instant download of all of our letter of the week products. Together, these four products include over 100 activities and make for a cohesive preschool curriculum you can use at home with your young learners. This pack also works great for kindergarteners as well. 


This pack includes:

  • 26 letter of the week craft tutorials (one for each letter of the alphabet) with templates and supply list
  • 26 hand print art tutorials (one for each letter of the alphabet) with supply list
  • 26 snack recipes (one for each letter of the alphabet) with supply list
  • 26 do a dot pages (one for each letter of the alphabet) 
  • 26 alphabet tracing pages with one image that coordinates with the letter and your young learner can color the image (one letter per page) 
  • 26 alpahbet tracing pages with more handwriting practice 
  • printable alphabet flip book
  • a progress chart so your little one can mark off their work as they complete it 
  • a certificate of completion 

How we have used this pack is 

  1. Monday- we do the craft
  2. Tuesday- we do the worksheets
  3. Wednesday- we do the hand print art 
  4. Thursday- we make the snack together 

This is an amazing collection of materials. You are getting five of our letter of the week products that each sell for $9.99 plus our alphabet flip book that sells for $2.99. We use this flip book as we are learning about each letter. 

Check the images below to see samples of every tutorial and printable you get in this pack. 

 Remember: NOTHING is being mailed to you. This is all an instant download. 



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