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Sweet Candy Shop Pretend Play Printables

Sweet Candy Shop Pretend Play Printables

Sweet Candy Shop Pretend Play Printables



Indulge your little one's imagination with our Sweet Candy Shop Pretend Play Printables! Perfect for preschoolers, this 15-page printable set brings the magic of a candy store right into your home, providing hours of creative play and learning opportunities.

🍭 What's Included 🍭

1. **Candy Shop Banner**: Transform any space into a charming candy store with this colorful banner. Hang it up and watch the excitement grow!

2. **Price Tags**: Teach early math skills by setting prices for candies. Your child can learn counting, addition, and subtraction while having fun.

3. **Candy Labels**: Spice up the sweets with delightful labels. Encourage your child to name their candies, enhancing their language skills.

4. **Cash Register**: Introduce basic money concepts with our printable cash register. Practice counting and recognizing various coins.

5. **Menu Board**: Foster creativity as your child plays shopkeeper. They can list their candy offerings and set prices.

6. **Shopping List**: Enhance memory and organizational skills by creating shopping lists. Great for developing literacy and cognitive abilities.

7. **Play Money**: Colorful play money to enhance those math skills and give your child a sense of ownership.

8. **Shopping Bags**: Teach responsibility by providing shopping bags for your little customer's candy haul.

9. **Receipts**: After shopping, the kids can practice their writing skills by making receipts for their "customers."

10. **Candy Boxes and Bags**: Boost fine motor skills with these adorable candy boxes and bags. Fold and fill them for a realistic experience.

11. **Bunting Flags**: Decorate the candy shop for a festive atmosphere. Your child can get creative with designing these.

12. **Candy Coupons**: Teach the concept of savings and discounts with our printable coupons. More math and imaginative play!

13. **Open and Closed Signs**: Manage the candy store hours with these open and closed signs. Enhance decision-making skills.

14. **Tabletop Candy Display**: Set up a delightful candy display on any table. Encourage sorting and arranging skills.

15. **Sweet Shop Rules**: Develop social skills and etiquette with our "Sweet Shop Rules" poster. Teach manners and cooperation.

Get ready to witness your preschooler's creativity, problem-solving abilities, and social skills flourish as they manage their very own candy store. These printables make for the perfect addition to your homeschooling or playroom setup.

Transform playtime into a fun, educational experience with our Sweet Candy Shop Pretend Play Printables. Download, print, and watch your child's imagination come to life!

Order today and sweeten your child's playtime adventures!


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